What is included in a Bellydance Show?

Bellydance shows begin with a dramatic entrance, followed by fun upbeat songs and a riveting drum solo finale. Often the second part of the show includes some audience participation. Shows can be customized to include props such as finger cymbals, Isis Wings, sword, shamadan, or folkloric music and costumes. The recommended length of time for the performance is 20 minutes. Much beyond this is too long for most audiences and appreciation for the bellydance show wanes after this point.

What types of venues do Bellydancers perform at?

Bellydancers perform at many types of venues, including, zeffas, weddings, anniversaries, festivals, cultural events, restaurants/night clubs, birthday parties, bridal showers, bachelorettes, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, Christmas parties, and galas

Please note that stags or bachelor parties are not appropriate venues for bellydance performances.

What are the sound system requirements?

Dancers will bring their music on a cd, mp3 player, or USB stick. The music should be played at a volume loud enough to drown out conversation. Often a simple boombox cannot meet this requirement. Dancers do not provide audio equipment.

What are the minimum venue requirements to have a Bellydancer perform?

  • A cleared space of at least 100 square feet is required for one dancer. A bit more for 2 or 3 dancers. The performance area should be free of debris as dancers are often bare footed.
  • Dancers require a secure room to change and to leave their belongings. Public washrooms do not meet this requirement.
  • A sounds system loud enough to drown out conversation in the room.
  • If shamadan is part of the show, ensure that open flames are allowed at the venue to avoid disappointment.

Are Bellydance shows family friendly?

Yes! Bellydance shows are cultural entertainment that is suitable for all ages. Young children love bellydancers and often enjoy dancing with them.

How Do I Book Oksana?

Booking requires a 25% deposit to secure the date. Oksana will create a booking agreement with your event details. To view a blank booking agreement, click here.